March 24, 2017

I went to a couple of events this week which were about all things digital. They laboured on about how the digital landscape needs a digital strategy, and that digital marketing is the focus of the digital native. The very word 'digital' is held out as if it is some magic snake oil that was just pulled into town on the back of  a covered wagon. The audience sits there, unthinking, open-mouthed and apparently amazed. It's loose...

July 11, 2016

With the arrival of the Internet of Things, will it be for everyone? The arrival of intelligent machines, ultra fast wireless networking technology and a huge array of new products and services are going to affect the way we live, so it seems the answer is inevitably, in time, ’yes’. It all comes down to one thing: connectivity, and it could be radical. The GSMA predicts that there will be 18 billion connected objects by 2020.


February 16, 2015

So, last quarter Apple made greater earnings than any other company, ever. Quite a feat and today it is apparently the most valuable company in the world and bigger than many nations in terms of net worth, with a pure cash pile of over $170 billion.

Looking under the hood of the smartphone industry, this is even more remarkable. Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in a single quarter, a staggering feat. Actually Samsung sold a...

January 22, 2015

Do brands matter any more? Yes, and here’s why: done well, the brand can define the organising principle of the enterprise informing the entire experience of customers, employees and other stakeholders.

There are an awful lot of companies and agencies around that say they will help create, refresh or reinvent your brand. Many of them have unfathomable models that obscure and don't inform. You may have come across the brand onio...

December 9, 2014

Last week I attended Business of Design Week 2014 in Hong Kong, an annual conference featuring a diversity of creative, technological and strategic content. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality and there were some good presentations and a handful that were outstanding and thought provoking. 

One in particular that got my attention was given by Fredrik Magnusson, Director of Brand, Design & Experiences fro...

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